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My Father's Business Ministries & Services

Where Lives are Invested In...Acts 2:38-47

Our Ministries

Our Ministry Focus is: 


SALVATION – Forgiving, Healing, and Deliverance

DEBT ELIMINATION – Investing in People’s Lives, Owing only Love to Mankind, and Being Financially Free

COMMUNITY UNITY Uniting Ministries to C.A.R.E for the Community

GREAT COMMISSION – Teaching and Baptizing all Nations as the Holy Spirit empowers and employs Believers

We C.A.R.E Financial Institute is a veteran owned, personal finance business and an auxiliary ministry of My Father's Business Ministries and Services. 


Facebook: ​@WCFI2017

Mama Flo CAFE is an outreach ministry that provides general and special support to strangers-orphans-widows (S.O.W).​ The ultimate goal is to allow the Love of God, Life of Christ and power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives of people who desire change.

Sunday @ 1pm

By allowing the people to pick out

and personalize their products, We C.A.R.E Creations gives people a newly innovated look and lift the spirits of the community.

Facebook: @WeCARECreations2020